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Eben!Holz e.V. - Association for the Protection of Endangered Wood for Musical Instrument Making

Native woods (e.g. spruce, sycamore maple, or pear tree) and exotic species such as ebony, rosewood or African blackwood have been used for centuries in the production of musical instruments. Many of these woods are now endangered or threatened with extinction.

Eben!Holz e.V. is an association of musical instrument makers and musicians engaged in the protection of endangered woods used in our industry. Our common goal is to counteract the current destructive developments and practices that threaten these woods and their native forests. Illegal trade, slash and burn agriculture, conversion of native habitats into fast growing wood plantations or pastures are among the principal endangering practices. These increasing threats to the woods used for musical instruments confront us, musical instrument builders, with major existential challenges, and they add to the major ecological problems of our time. These are the reasons why we are actively engaged in protecting the forests that are home to trees used in the musical instrument building industry. 


Our Vision

The long term solution is responsible and sustainable use of forests and fair trade practices involving woods used in the musical instrument building industry. Nature as the foundation of all life should be brought to the forefront of our concerns.


Juli 2022
Natur- und Kulturerbe bedroht: Eben!Holz setzt sich dafür ein, beides zu bewahren - Stellungnahme zu Brasiliens Vorschlag das Bogenbauholz Fernambuk mit einem internationalen Handelsbann (CITES I) zu belegen.

Mai 2022 E!H schließt sich der Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft an.

2021 newly published article about ebony in "Forest Ecology and Management" TO THE ARTICLE...

  • February 2021 Beethoven Orchestra Bonn (BOB) appointed as »United Nations Climate Change Goodwill Ambassador« . BOB announces the support of Eben!Holz e.V. PRESS RELEASE
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